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Please feel free to contact me about anything you heart desires.

“Free stuff” and paid post policy:

I love gifts, love giving and receiving but I also love honesty. In the interest of keeping this blog a happy place I will not post negative reviews. If you send me a product to try and I am not happy with it I will tell you and refrain from posting a review. All reviews that are either paid for by “free stuff” or money will be noted as such in the post. As of January 2015, any recipe development will be billed for.

Press Release post policy:

This is not a magazine or a newspaper, it’s my personal blog, my personal journey in food and cooking. The people who read my blog, I believe, are here to read my personal views and ideas. To that end,as of January 2015, I will have a new pricing system regarding press releases. Please feel free to contact me on the above email address to receive my price list

3 Replies to “Contact me”

  1. Good Day

    Hope this email finds you well

    Please could you send a address so we can send you your free sample of the Fair Cape new custard Yoghurt.

    Kind Regards
    Jessica Miller

  2. Hi.

    My agency manages PR for Edward Snell & Co., including the portfolios of Campari (eg Frangelico) and Remy-Cointreau. I’d really like to include you on all mailings moving forward. Please send me your contact information.

    Thanks so much.

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